Decommissioning services

Grieg Green is a Norwegian company specialized in maritime recycling projects including decommissioning. We are one of the world’s largest providers of environmentally friendly and sustainable services to the maritime world.  We deliver all services related to the recycling process.

Our team of experienced surveyors monitor the entire recycling/decommissioning process at the recycling facility, including downstream waste management, to ensure that everything goes down in compliance with both national and international regulations and guidelines.

Grieg Green’s presence ensures that the Ship Recycling Plan is strictly adhered to and we also oversee that contractual obligations between client and yard are followed up on. Clients receive weekly progress reports with day to day detailed description of ongoing activities, illustrated with photos.

In addition to supervision of close to 50 rig recycling projects, some of our decommissioning references include supervision of the Buchan Alpha and ST-1 project at Dales Voe, Shetland. We have also assisted Premier Oil with Inventory of Hazardous Materials and information in connection with planning and recommendations for future decom/recycling projects.

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