Environmental profile

Along with keeping tabs on the changing legislation on ship recycling and staying on top of the latest trends and prices in the industry, Grieg Green is committed to finding the best recycling yards that are available at our customers’ disposal. These will form the cornerstone of our business and our minimum requirements for yard partners include:

  • Adherence to the upcoming IMO Convention on ship recycling
  • Adherence to EU Ship Recycling Regulation (EU SRR)
  • Accordance with Grieg Group’s existing safety standards for training and equipment
  • Adherence to international standards on waste treatment (internal & external)
  • IHM Certification
  • Making a ship recycling plan available before the transfer of ownership
  • Adherence to Grieg Group’s “Supplier Code of Conduct”

In addition to the above, our highly competent, environmentally-conscious and experienced personnel in Norway and China bring a broad range of diverse skills and knowledge to Grieg Green’s operations, promising our customers top of the line service unparalleled in the industry.