ABN AMRO and Grieg Green join forces

Dutch bank ABN Amro and Grieg Green has decided to join forces to contribute to a more sustainable shipping industry.

Grieg Green has over the last five years managed to grow and establish themselves as an important player in the green recycling industry, making sure old vessels are sustainably recycled instead of being beached. To be able to grow further, the Grieg Star owned Grieg Green now gets tailor-made financing and cash management solutions from Dutch bank ABN Amro.

– The core business for Grieg Green is to provide one-stop solutions for ship owners. The vessel will be recycled in a sustainable way with us. We wanted to make more impact, so we needed more transactions, to buy and sell vessels. For this we needed a substantial financial backbone, Grieg Green CEO Petter Heier says.

The cooperation with ABN Amro ensures this. In addition Grieg Green wants to act quickly when a ship owner wants to recycle a ship. So the owner has an alternative to beaching that is financially and operationally viable.

– By enabling Grieg Green to grow and bringing them in touch with our network, more ship owners can recycle their ships sustainably, Head of Maritime Norway ECT Clients in ABN Amro, Annette Berg says.

ABN Amro and the Grieg Star Group have the same values and same beliefs when it comes to helping the shipping industry becoming more sustainable.

– I believe we can accelerate positive change by steering our knowhow and financial strength in the right direction. Teaming-up with Grieg Green is an example of that, Head of Transportation Clients in ABN Amro, Gust Biesbrock says.

The ABN Amro webpage on the cooperation