Grieg Green approved by Lloyd’s Register for IHM service

Feb 16, 2017 | News

Lloyd’s Register has approved Grieg Green as Service Supplier for Inventory of Hazardous Materials. This comes only weeks after ABS approved Grieg Green and we are  now one of few service providers to be approved by three major class societies (DNV-GL, ABS and LR).   Inventory of Hazardous Materials is one of the key requirements of both the Hong Kong Convention (HKC) and European Union Ship Recycling Regulation (EU SRR). The latter requires that ships flying the flag  of a member or ships of a third country calling at a port or anchorage of a Member State shall have on board an IHM that complies with Article 5(2) of the EU SRR. In addition, the IHM shall be maintained throughout the life of the ship reflecting the installation of systems, equipment, insulation or other material. For existing ships the survey shall be conducted by 31 December 2020, while  newbuildings and vessels going for recycling shall comply with the regulation by the end of 2018. The purpose of the EU SSR, which also regulates recycling of ships, is to direct ships to recycling facilities that practices safe and environmentally sound methods of dismantling ships instead of substandard sites as is currently the practice. In addition, it aims to facilitate early ratification of the HKC both within the Union and in third countries by applying proportionate controls to ships and ship recycling facilities on the basis of that convention. Grieg Green has already conducted many IHMs and has 12 in-house HazMat experts that operate globally. In addition to the recognition from LR, we are a DNV-GL approved HazMat expert company and ABS certified IHM provider.  
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