IHM Milestones

Grieg Green delivers every step of the IHM value chain. Read more about how we govern the respective milestones here. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to give us a call. 

Contract and Documentation

The shipowner will receive a list of required documentation that needs to be submitted to Grieg Green. Our technical department will start the necessary preparations and based on the received documentation will develop the ship-specific VSCP to be used onboard during the survey. 

VSCP and On-Board survey

The Visual Sampling Check Plan (VSCP) is a plan stating where samples are to be taken, how many, and for what the substances shall be tested for. We typically board with our own experienced surveyors, but due to COVID-19, we do offer to remotely instruct the crew. Read more about our COVID-19 solution here. Depending on vessel type, assistance onboard and operations, we typically need 8-14 hours onboard to complete the job.

Laboratory analysis

We work with reliable labs that have all the necessary credentials. We enjoy a guaranteed capacity and fast-track service at our collaborative labs. The full testing takes approx 3-5 days. We can, however, fast-track urgent projects and have the testing completed within the day.

IHM Report

Based on the documentation, the onboard survey, and the results from the lab, our technical team develops and quality checks the IHM report. The reports are then submitted to the shipowner and ready for class approval. 

Class Approval

It is the responsibility of the shipowner to submit the report to their chosen class society. It is, furthermore, the shipowner’s responsibility to check the prices. Grieg Green can assist in the process if requested.

IHM Maintenance

After the class’ Statement of Compliance (SoC) the IHM certificate must be maintained, and any changes to the inventory must be reflected through a continuously updated IHM. Some shipowners manage this themselves. However, there are many shipowners who want our assistance. Our IHM Maintenance services are optional services and will be customized to fit the owner’s need for assistance: the all-inclusive service with full documentation control through a cloud based system or consultant services as needed.