Our COVID-19 Solution for IHM

Sampling and visual checks are normally done by our trained HazMat experts, however, because of COVID-19 and the global restrictions on travel, it is frequently impossible to send HazMat experts onboard.

The good news is that Grieg Green has a solution! We call our solution “Crew sampling”, and this method is accepted by most classification societies. 

What is Crew sampling?

Crew sampling is a service Grieg Green has developed to help our customers getting an inventory of hazardous material when our HazMat surveyors can’t attend the vessel. The customer appoints a qualified person to take the samples onboard the vessel and to carry out visual checks. Grieg Green appoints one of our experts to remotely carry out the necessary training and guidance for this person to safely take samples. Data and images of the checkpoints are continuously quality assured by our expert during the sampling process.  

Is it safe?

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our surveyors cannot attend the vessel in some places. That is why the class has opened up for competent crew members to do the sampling after they get the necessary safety training. Grieg Green has completed more than 1500 IHM surveys with zero injuries, because of our huge focus on safety. That is why we developed very specific safety measures and risk assessments to ensure the safety of anyone carrying out the IHM survey. When our customers decide to do the remote sampling, Grieg Green will have a briefing with the ship’s crew to agree on the person who will carry out the survey. Most of the time it will be the Chief Officer and the Chief Engineer. Then a training package will be provided by one of our experts, where we explain the remote sampling process, our safety guidelines, and risk assessments. Our expert will be closely monitoring and assisting the ship’s crew to ensure the safety of the person carrying out the survey and the quality of it.

Who should be appointed to be sampling responsible?

Every ship is different. We frequently see that the Master or the Chief Engineer wants to take the lead in the sampling process. After all, they are indeed the most qualified onboard. The most important aspect is to select an officer who is safety-mindedknows the ship, and the company’s safety management system well.   

How do Grieg Green’s HazMat experts assist in Crew sampling when they are not on board?

We have developed an IHM internet portal where the ship specific VSCP is available. All necessary training material can also be found here. Once a sample has been taken, our HazMat expert can verify that the information and the pictures have the right quality and provide constructive feedback to the sampling responsible person on board.  

Reach out to ihm@grieggreen.com or contact our IHM team today and learn more about Grieg Green’s IHM services. 

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