About us


Grieg Green is a pioneer within sustainable recycling of ships and rigs. Since 2010, we have provided companies with green alternatives to the traditional scrapping of old tonnage. 

Grieg Green is owned 100% by Grieg Maritime Group, which is part of the Grieg Group, a privately-owned line of companies operating globally within a variety of business areas, mainly related to the maritime industry. The Grieg Group is 25% owned by Grieg Foundation.

Grieg Green was established in 2010. However, our owners have a long history in the shipping industry – starting in 1884 with shipbroker Joachim Grieg of Bergen.

Our vision:

Providing environmental services
to the maritime world

Full time employees

Contractors and part time employees

Our headquarters is in Oslo, Norway. We also have offices in Shanghai and contractors all around the world.

As part of the Grieg Group, we share common values and a commitment to corporate responsibility, ethical business conduct and the environment.


Our services

Our values:


  • We want to be proud of our business, its methods, products and results.
  • We assume responsibility for a solid brand name an a good working environment
  • We contribute to the welfare of our society


  • We emphasise the importance of having a strong economic foundation and a long term approach to our business
  • We strive towards quality and competence and act on sound ethical principles
  • We stay by our commitments


  • We inform, invite and include
  • We are honest, speak clearly and direct
  • We are open-minded and regard integrity and respect as indisputable requirement


  • We are committed to the same vision, mission, values and objectives as well as the interests of our stakeholders
  • We take great interest in our job and working environment, building a strong and including company culture
  • We accept responsibility for the environment and society

Our board and management

Matt Duke

Matt Duke

Working Chair of the Board

Annicken Kildahl

Annicken Kildahl

Director of the Board

Jannicke Steen

Jannicke Steen

Head of Administration

Elin Beate Saltkjel

Elin Beate Saltkjel

Interim Head of Recycling and Head of HSEQ

Allan Gao

Allan Gao

Head of Technical

John Christen Jensen

John Christen Jensen

Head of Services

ocean, sun and clouds


The environment
is our business

We are here to help you be greener. That means keeping tabs on the changing legislation, new research, and latest trends in the industry. Within recycling, we are committed to finding the best recycling yards available for our customers. That means demanding more from them than international conventions. We set high standards for training and equipment and require our suppliers to sign the Grieg Group’s “Supplier Code of Conduct”. As part of the Grieg Maritime Group, we base our strategy on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.