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Hazardous Materials Services

With Grieg Green as your IHM solutions provider, you can rest assured that your vessels are compliant without all the headaches of keeping tabs on hazardous materials onboard. We will take care of it for you. That is why we call it “IHM Care”.

Lifetime IHM

The EU Ship Recycling Regulations (EU SRR) have made it mandatory for all vessels above 500 GT that fly an EU member state flag or call EU member state ports to carry a valid IHM onboard. This regulation also requires maintaining the IHM throughout the vessel’s lifetime.

Grieg Green’s “IHM Care” provides both the initial certificate and maintenance services to ensure complete control over your vessel’s IHM for its entire lifespan. Choose us to have the necessary control over your vessel’s IHM.

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The IHM Part I Certificate

An Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) is a certificate stating if a vessel carries hazardous materials onboard its construction and equipment, where it is, and the amount. Based on this certificate, the shipowner can ensure the safety of crew members through the vessels working life and ensure the safe handling of the materials at the point of recycling.

Being a pioneer in the safe and sustainable recycling of ships and offshore units, we have extensive knowledge and experience in IHM, proven by a notable track record.


IHM Maintenance

The purpose of IHM Maintenance is to gather Material Declaration (MD) and Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) whenever any changes are made to IHM Part I. It also involves identifying hazardous materials in the Material Declaration and updating the IHM Part I certificate.

Our expertise in IHM and maintenance enables us to efficiently perform IHM maintenance throughout a vessel’s life cycle. Our system is tailored to suit all classes of vessels, and we can generate IHM Part I automatically whenever needed. We have a dedicated team responsible for IHM Maintenance, ensuring that the Maintenance Manual and procedures are in place. Additionally, we offer professional guidance and step-by-step instructions for carrying out IHM maintenance work.

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