Half of a cargo ship stands ashore in a recycling yard for expired vessels.

Recycling Projects

For over a decade, we have helped the maritime industry sustainably handle its assets’ end-of-life. We ensure that your vessel will be recycled responsibly – taking care of workers’ safety and the environment, always in compliance with applicable regulations.

Handling the paperwork

We provide expert guidance on vessel export/import, complying with regulations like the Basel Convention and the EU Ship Recycling Regulation. Our services include facilitating communication between importers and exporters, tendering and negotiation with yards, and efficient document processing. We offer competitive services by closely monitoring the steel market and working with pre-approved recycling facilities.

Evaluating the yard

Our team has extensive experience evaluating recycling facility options, considering commercial, operational, environmental, legal, and technical factors. We provide detailed yard audit reports that inform decisions and ensure compliance with regulations and best practices.

Supervising the project

Our technical department ensures safe and sustainable ship recycling by providing comprehensive supervision services, working closely with local teams and providing full transparency to the shipowner. A full-time on-site presence during the recycling process is recommended for compliance with policies and HSEQ guidance throughout the process.

Documented compliance

For end-of-life assets, your responsibility includes ensuring safe and environmentally sound recycling and reporting to relevant states in compliance with applicable regulations. As part of our supervisory responsibilities, we oversee and document all steps related to asset recycling and hazardous materials handling to ensure compliance and minimise risks.