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ESG Advisory

Are you looking  to stay ahead of the curve in the maritime industry? Our advisory services are the solution you need. With our expert guidance, shipowners and suppliers can create ESG strategies that improve environmental performance and boost competitiveness. By partnering with Grieg Green, you can embrace sustainability as a competitive advantage, leading towards a greener and more resilient future.


We specialise in market and technology research for ship recycling. We deliver valuable insights and analysis, informing you of the latest industry trends and innovations and how the various recycling regions and methods differ. Our services help you stay ahead by making informed decisions for effective and sustainable ship recycling practices and policies.

Decision-Making Tool

Evaluate recycling, trade, and divestment options for end-of-life ships using Grieg Green’s dynamic “Late Life Decision Model.” Consider costs and benefits based on extensive knowledge of the recycling and commercial shipping markets, including demolition prices and recycling costs.

ESG Policies

Establish a ship recycling philosophy adhering to the EU Taxonomy and Norwegian Transparency Act. Assess viable recycling procedures, regulatory regimes, and contractual terms for third-party supervision. Develop a comprehensive ESG policy with parameters for planned and unplanned ship recycling, decision matrix, and yard sustainability performance.

Ship Yard Assessment

Including newbuilding, repair and recycling. Support your shipyard selection process with Grieg Green’s assessment tool. Ensure transparency and sustainability in drydocking, repair, and newbuilding decisions. Assess human rights aspects based on international guidelines. Research and interviews provide an understanding of conditions in various regions, verifying compliance with the Transparency Act.

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Regulatory Compliance

Navigating through the legal technicalities of the Basel Convention, EU Ship Recycling Regulation, the EU Waste Shipment Regulations, and the myriad of national regulations and waste-specific conventions can be challenging. With our assistance, you can easily navigate these regulations and minimize the risk of delays and costs.

We have an extensive experience in mapping regulations for different countries. That means we will identify what you need to be compliant and can help prepare supporting documents for competent authorities, lowering the risk of delays and additional expenses.

Our Hazardous Materials expertise can also help document substances you may leave on board and identify those needing removal before export, resulting in substantial cost savings.

We offer ad-hoc services tailored to your requirements, and you can rely on our expertise to ensure that you always comply with the applicable regulations.

Regulatory Consultancy examples include:

  • Gap-analysis between countries’ regulations, both operational and environmental regulations
  • Mapping the process of export and import of end-of-life vessels for recycling in different scenarios
  • Compliance assessments for regulatory frameworks and standards