Inside a big stripped down vessel at the recycling yard.

Helping You Reach Your ESG Goals

It is easy to talk about ESG, but setting tangible goals and managing to achieve them can be difficult. Our team of experienced professionals includes engineers, project managers, and environmental specialists. With us, you know you will walk the ESG talk.


ESG Advisory

Looking to stay ahead of the curve in the maritime industry? Our advisory services are the solution you need. With our expert guidance, shipowners and suppliers can create ESG strategies that improve environmental performance and boost competitiveness. By partnering with Grieg Green, you can embrace sustainability as a competitive advantage, leading towards a greener and more resilient future.

Half of a cargo ship stands ashore in a recycling yard for expired vessels.


For over a decade, we have helped the maritime industry sustainably handle its assets’ end-of-life. We ensure that your vessel will be recycled responsibly – taking care of workers’ safety and the environment, and always in compliance with applicable regulations.

Grieg Green female employee working at a cargo ship.

Hazardous Materials Services

With Grieg Green as your IHM solutions provider, you can rest assured your vessels are compliant without all the headaches of keeping tabs on hazardous materials onboard. We will take care of it for you. That is why we call it “IHM Care”.

Policies and Certificates