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With Grieg Green as your IHM solutions provider, you can rest assured your vessels are compliant without all the headaches of keeping tabs on hazardous materials onboard. We take care of it for you. That is why we call it “IHM Care”.

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Our Covid-19 solution:

Crew sampling and remote support

Sampling and visual checks are normally done by our trained HazMat experts, however, because of COVID-19 and the global restrictions on travel, it is frequently impossible to send HazMat experts onboard.

The good news is that Grieg Green has a solution! We call our solution “Crew sampling”, and this method is accepted by most classification societies. 

Lifetime IHM

The EU Ship Recycling Regulations (EU SRR) turned IHM into a mandatory act: all vessels flying an EU member state flag, or any flagged vessel calling EU member state ports, must carry a valid IHM onboard. Moreover, the IHM must be maintained throughout the vessel’s lifetime. The regulation applies to all vessels above 500 GT.

With Grieg Green’s “IHM Care” your company will get full control over the IHM for the length of your vessel’s life. We offer both the initial certificate and the maintenance services needed to have the necessary control.

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The IHM part I certificate

An Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) is a certificate stating if a vessel carries hazardous materials onboard its construction and equipment, where it is, and the amount. Based on this certificate, the shipowner can ensure the safety of crew members through the vessels working life and assure safe handling of the materials at the point of recycling.

Being a pioneer of green, safe and sustainable ship – and offshore recycling services Grieg Green has extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to IHM, proven by a notable track record.

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IHM maintenance

The scope of IHM Maintenance is to collect Material Declaration (MD), and Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) if any changes related to IHM Part I, to identify the hazardous materials in the Material Declaration and update the IHM part I certificate.

With our profound understanding, knowledge, and experience in relation to IHM and Maintenance, we perform IHM maintenance through the vessel’s life cycle using our streamlined system that suits all classes’ vessel. We can automatically generate IHM Part I at any time, and we have a designated team in charge of the IHM Maintenance to ensure that the Maintenance Manual and all the procedures are in place. We also provide professional guidance and instructions on how to carry out IHM maintenance work step by step.

IHM Milestones

How we govern the milestones

The IHM process may seem like a handful to handle. Grieg Green will help you through every step of the IHM value chain. And we will make sure you have a full overview of what is done and what the situation onboard your vessels are. Read more about how we govern the respective milestones of the IHM value chain here.
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Extended asbestos surveys

IHM is indicative and may reveal that there is asbestos onboard. According to SOLAS, the ship’s owner should remove any asbestos found within three years. But an IHM survey will not be able to locate all asbestos that may be onboard. That is why we offer Extended Asbestos Surveys resulting in Asbestos Management and Removal reports. We do not provide removal services but work with partners in the USA, China, and Australia to assist with safe disposal. We can also support your team while dry-docking to ensure that new parts installed onboard are asbestos-free.

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